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About Vagoneta

We are a small indie game development group working on very interesting games and educational apps. We believe that kids learn best when they are having fun.

Our Mission

It is our intention is to provide a mobile games that kids can use to learn basic skills while having fun. Vagoneta Studios offers kids a safe environment to discover their abilities and learn new skills with interactive and fun games.

Meet Our Team


Special Skills: No One Knows

Viriti Di Mimi

Special Skills: Eat Meat


Special Skills: Fight With The Phone


Special Skills: Watch Videos On Facebook


Special Skills: Sleep All Day

Mimi Di Viri

Special Skills: Eat Chocolate
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- "Wowww I love this game...interesting and funny...Just pass the levels and enjoy!"

- "Crazy looking characters :)) first time shooting was fun for me!"

- "Adorei os gráficos e a jogabilidade! Muito divertido!"

- "sweet and colorful its nice and sweet games for young fellows nice to play when you get boar and wanna try something other then heavy games."

- "Molto simpatico Gioco di abilità mangiamosche molto simpatico,adatto per bambini,da provare"